A lasting collection embedded with personal meaning


Your Home Is Your Memoir

Your home grows with you and contains countless laughs, challenges, and triumphs.  In it, you learn who you are, because it's the one place where you can always be yourself.  As an artist, I explore ways our homes reflect our least guarded moments.  Share your stories and watch as the work develops.


I Am Your Resident-Artist For The Day

ARTIST IN (YOUR) RESIDENCE is a unique opportunity for you to commission an artist in your home for the day.  I will compose a series of paintings and drawings of interior spaces and objects in your home. In the spirit of the commission, you, family, and friends are encouraged to observe and ask questions throughout the process.  Your home is my studio and muse for the day!


Everything I Make is Yours To Keep

Some quick sketches will capture rooms or objects, and other compositions will engage more deeply with the art material and subject, yielding more detailed images. Together, these portraits of the your habitat will tell a story of the place you call home. 

Book a residency if you're an art lover who...

celebrates your home as an extension of your character, soul, and aesthetic sensibilities.

wants to engage with an artist, while they create art that is unique to you.

wants to memorialize your magical summer getaway…because winter is coming.

inhabits 400 square-feet in a basement or 5000 square-feet atop Central Park.

just applied the final coat of paint in the nursery for the baby on the way.

is moving out of a cherished space or moving in to make a fresh start.

is taking the big step of cohabitation with a loved one.

is an urban dweller, suburbanite, or a rural reveler.

has parents who are selling your childhood home.

is looking for the ideal gift for someone special.

is living the single life or with a family of five.

is a minimalist or maximalist.

Charmingly Innovative. Always Original.